Maynard Monsen started in the topsoil business in 1933 with a ’26 International truck that carried a generous 2 cubic yards. Maynard worked for his father, who owned the Monsen Coil Company. In those days, topsoil had to be shoveled by hand. 
The spring of 1938 brought with it a shiny new Black Ford dump truck. It was at this time that Maynard Monsen set up a garden stand on 76th and Capital Drive in Milwaukee, WI. This was the home for the Monsen’s until 1964.
By the spring of 1941, the company continued to grow and it was time for another new Ford dump truck, this time in the shade of maroon. It was quite the truck for its time with a two speed rear axle and a Mercury engine. Tom Monsen, Maynard's son, recalled riding in it to deliver soil to Hawk's Nursery shed. (Horses were kept in the shed at Hawk’s which were used for working their land).
In 1952, the Monsen’s purchased the first Lindig soil shredder in Milwaukee. The Lindig made pulverized topsoil possible, keeping the business ahead of the times.
Maynard retired in 1972 to his home in West Field, WI. His retirement toys included two Ford tractors, a D4 bulldozer, a road grader, and a dump truck.
Tom Monsen took over in 1972 with his wife Janis who was the chief order taker and book keeper. Their two sons, Bobby and Jimmy, were the truck drivers. 
Today, Monsen Trucking has expanded above and beyond Maynard’s vision. The Company is currently in its 3rd and 4th generations of the Monsen Family. Now run by Tom's sons, Bobby and Jimmy and their sons, Matthew and David, they currently employ over 20 employees year round with a large fleet of top of the line trucks to match. Monsen Trucking stays ahead of the times and will continue to grow in the future.